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American Red Cross T Shirt

american red cross t shirt

    t shirt
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american red cross t shirt - American Red

American Red Cross Battery Powered Bicycle Light Set 2 pk.

American Red Cross Battery Powered Bicycle Light Set 2 pk.

These emergency lights are safe and easy to use. And because they're battery-powered, they are also reusable. You can use either a steady beam or flashing pattern to alert other drivers and law enforcement officials. The bright LED lights can be attached to your car with the built-in magnets. Or use the built in brace to stand the unit on the ground, car hood or trunk.
Features include:
2 battery powered reusable emergency lights
8 AA batteries
3 Rows of Bright LED lights keep you visible
Lights contain magnets that allow for placement directly on your vehicle
Operating instructions to keep you safe and protected
No dangerous chemicals
Stores in trunk or glove box
Officially Licensed Product of the American Red Cross
Includes retail packaging

82% (11)

Run for the Red!

Run for the Red!

Each year, the American Red Cross closes roads and highways on a Sunday morning, for a fundraising event they modestly call "Run for the Red." Churches are inconvenienced, but many of them provide water stations for runners of the marathon.

Normally, I limit myself to posting five photos in one day. Today, I selected twelve of the 105 unculled shots I'd brought home. Making that selection was tough, but I don't want to overload my photostream with one event.

I selected this photo because of the woman in the yellow shirt, bearing the name, "Steph." That's probably the name of someone for whom she is running, a friend or family member who has benefited fromt he work of the American Red Cross. Though you can't see her well, another woman beside her, also in a yellow shirt, is bearing the name of someone else. Some runners had names written in ink, on their legs.

Day 128 - Blooooood

Day 128 - Blooooood

I gave blood today!

I actually kind of enjoy it. It's neat to watch it leaving your body through a tube and then to see it in a bag and think "that was just inside of me"

I ended up feeling really kind of awful afterwards, though. I didn't sleep much last night and now I'm just kind of spacey and tired. Donating blood when exhausted = not so good.

I love the bandages they give, though. Mine matched my shirt! :D

What's with the Ziggy sticker, though? Ziggy is the worst comic ever. It's not even a comic. It's an unfunny picture/text combo.

also I'm pretty sure this makes it look like I was mackin' on a clown. Or being a vampire, of course.

american red cross t shirt

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