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Israel Army T Shirts

israel army t shirts

    israel army
  • The Israeli GOC Army headquarters (???? ?????, Zro'a HaYabasha, "Ground Arm"), is a multi-corps command headquarters created in 1998, which amalgamates the ground forces of the Israel Defense Forces.

    t shirts
  • (T Shirt (album)) T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.

  • A T-shirt (T shirt or tee) is a shirt which is pulled on over the head to cover most of a person's torso. A T-shirt is usually buttonless and collarless, with a round neck and short sleeves.

  • A short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat

  • (t-shirt) jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt

israel army t shirts - Hello, My

Hello, My Name is Israel Fine Jersey T-Shirt, Army, L

Hello, My Name is Israel Fine Jersey T-Shirt, Army, L

Hello My Name Is T-Shirt by Solid Gold Bomb™

Solid Gold Bomb™ rocks the casbah one more time with a groovy name tag tee! Screen Printed on the American Apparel 2001 Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Made of 100% fine ring-spun combed cotton (Heather Grey contains 10% Polyester), this lightweight fine jersey is exceptionally smooth and tight-knit, making it just as opaque as a much heavier fabric but smooth on the skin. Made in Los Angeles, California - a superior color fastness, minimal shrinkage, fabric weight 4.3 oz/sq. yd. (146gsm).

Sizing Instructions - The following measurements are displayed in both inches and centimeters. A half chest measurement can be made with an existing garment, flat on a table, measured across the chest from the base of the under arms.

Sleeve Length - XS: 8"/20cm; S: 8.25"/21cm; M: 8.5"/22cm; L: 8.75"/22cm; XL: 9"/23cm; 2XL: 9.25"/23cm; 3XL: 9.5"/24cm
Half Chest - XS: 16.5"/42cm; S: 18"/46cm; M: 20"/51cm; L: 22"/56cm; XL: 24"/61cm; 2XL: 26"/66cm; 3XL: 28"/71cm
Front Body Length - XS: 27.375"/70cm; S: 28.375"/72cm; M: 29.375"/75cm; L: 30.375"/77cm; XL: 31.375"/80cm; 2XL: 32.375"/82cm; 3XL: 33.375"/85cm

76% (19)

Jews For Jesus Founder v Rabbi Tovia Singer

Jews For Jesus Founder v Rabbi Tovia Singer

Interview with Jhan Moskowitz (Jews For Jesus) and Rabbi Tovia Singer

Dave Glover: Jhan Moskowitz – he’s from the Jews for Jesus and Tovia Singer from Outreach Judaism who’s calling us from Israel.

We’re going to take up the whole issue of whether Jesus is indeed the Messiah and you’re going to get a chance to talk these great Biblical scholars.

It should be a lot of fun. We’ll be right back – Dave Glover Show, don’t go away. [After the break] Welcome back 97.1 Talk Dave Glover Show. Thanks for being with us. So this next hour promises to be incredibly interesting. It’s something like 95-97% of people polled in the US believe in God with a capital G whoever or whatever that god happens to be.

Here on The Dave Glover Show for the past seven years, we’ve had the priest and the rabbi segment once a month where we have Fr. Jeff from the Catholic Church and we have Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald from ancient Torah who just come in and they talk about all sorts of things. During one of the segments probably a couple of months ago, the Rabbi said something that I just never had in my mind before.

Growing up - and I know that my two guests can hear me; I’m kind of giving them a sense of how we got here – growing up as a Protestant-Christian-vacation-Bible-school kind of upbringing, I had always been taught that the Jews rejected Jesus because while they were looking for a Messiah, they were looking for a deliverer, sort of a full armor who would just go in and kick the butts of the Romans.

When Jesus came and he was very meek and he talked about loving your enemy and turning your cheek, they said “No, no, no, no, this is not the Messiah we were looking for” and they missed the boat.

That’s all there is to it. The poor Jews, they missed the boat. Jump on the Jesus train they didn’t. Rabbi who I have great respect for explained “Well, it’s not quite like that. According to the Torah, according to us the Jews, the Messiah was never supposed to be the son of God. It was never supposed to be a supernatural being.

It was never supposed to be a deity incarnate. It was supposed to be a man, a natural human man that came as the Meshiah. Jesus was saying “I am the son of God” that’s why the Pharisees reacted the way they did – strongly because that was heresy.

To say that you are God incarnate, that’s not possible, that’s not anything close to Messiah.” I never had that thought in my head before. I said we had to do an hour on this.

We need experts; find them for me. Becca did that and I’m going to bring them on one by one here. Let me bring on Jhan Moskowitz. Before I bring Jhan on, he was a Jew for Jesus before there were Jews for Jesus.

Literally before the incorporation in ’73, Jhan was volunteering for the organization way back then and no one better than to talk about this that Jhan. Jhan Moskowitz, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it.

Jhan Moskowitz: Thanks for having me. Before we say anything, let me offer you my condolences. I hope and pray that St. Louis buys back Budweiser. I’m sure it will happen but hang in there, guys.

Dave Glover: One of those things you wake up and see the front page and like Tom said “I’d never thought I’d see this happen”.

Tom: It hurts.

Jhan Moskowitz: Don’t give up, guys.

Dave Glover: If Sam Adams is now officially the largest brewery, isn’t that crazy?

Jhan Moskowitz: I don’t know if it’s appropriate for us to be talking about beer but I know how much you guys love it.

Dave Glover: It’s St. Louis.

Tom: Yes, it is.

Jhan Moskowitz: Thank you for having me, Dave.
Dave Glover: You bet. Rabbi Tovia Singer is a fellow talk show host. He has a radio talk show in Israel.

He is the founder and director of Outreach Judaism which is an international organization dedicated to countering the effects of fundamentalist Christian groups and cults who specifically target Jews for conversion.

I’ve ran into a couple because most Christians would be along the lines where I was growing up. They’d say “Oh, boy how did they miss that?” There are those that say “We need to go get God’s people. We need to go, we need to convert them.” Let me bring Tovia on here. Rabbi, thank you so much for taking some time today. We appreciate it.

Rabbi Tovia Singer: Hey, it’s great joining you here from the Holy Land.
Dave Glover: From Israel. Technology is amazing. Okay, let’s start with Jhan. You were raised a Jew in the Bronx.

Jhan Moskowitz: Yes, correct.

Dave Glover: At some point you became disenchanted with your former religion and you became a seeker and you found your answer in Jesus.

Jhan Moskowitz: Well I wouldn’t put it quite like that. I wasn’t disenchanted with being Jewish. I think I had moved from a simple, childlike faith in my conservative Orthodox upbringing. Like most adolescents, I started searching. It wasn’t really until I was in Israel in ’67 that I made an earnest search for a personal God. The personal search took me to many places.

I mean part of it wa

How the 2000s broke my heart-

How the 2000s broke my heart-

How the 2000s Broke my heart.

I took this image a couple of days ago, after going through a box of old clothes and thinking back to how I wore so many rugby shirts.
I edited myself into the national pass time because we all know that the man of steel is an all american. Do not believe the rumors of Fox news, that I have given up my U.S citizenship!

(rapping with a british accent)

loved girls that wore ambercrombie and fitch,
they just didn't love me,
cause' I was on the plus side of heavy.
For the summer, the summer, Trained with some runners
from Panam university
lost forty pounds...easily.
Time to say good bye,
to the family.
on my own, 2,000 miles away from home
Berklee college of music,
life's long long dream,
weekly ensembles for my violin.
sexy sexy pretty little thing, you got me sprung with your nose ring.
That's for Tania, my first real girlfriend!
What? you want to go down on me?
. can't do that,
told her It's against my religious beliefs, Tania I'm so sorry.

Dark beige chinos and a rugby tee
peanut butter and oatmeal,
late for music theory,
The day the United States stood still,
Called Tom and Israel to make sure they were ok,
best friend left and joined the army the following day.
No delay, Confessed to my mum that I needed to leave boston quick-ly!

It's june 2002 now, back in Texas with no direction 0r motivation and a bad case of depression.
Took a trip to El Salvador, changed my political views.Leftist at heart,I'm used to being the red and blue sheep.
If it were not for Shaggy,
who took me in, I don't know where I would be.
That's him in the second row of pics, the one trying to french kiss me.
January 2006,
I received the news that i had to go through chemotherapy
Remember thinking,
no twenty four year old should go through this.
As my health deteriorated,
my closest friends I alienated.
I ran the other way,
Missed shaggy's wedding day
I hope he forgives me some day.

Things are better when they start
That's how the 2000s broke my heart
Saved by the bell, just avoided a tardy.

israel army t shirts

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